Federalism strikes back


Writing in the Washington Times, Kansas’ own Greg Schneider, a professor of history at Emporia State University and Kansas Policy Institute senior fellow, explains that respect for the tenth amendment and state sovereignty is good for the country. He also calls for a reaffirmation of federalism, a system where power is shared between a central government and the states.

He also tackles the claim that criticism of President Barack Obama is racially motivated.

Federalism strikes back

10th Amendment resurgence should have come sooner

By Gregory L. Schneider

We’re seeing a re-emergence of constitutional principles and federalism across the country. It’s a major issue in the health care reform debate, as Tea Party activists and others have refocused attention on the long-dormant principle concerning the individual mandates to purchase insurance and excessive spending by the federal government.

The idea that powers not explicitly delegated in the federal Constitution “are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people,” as stated in the 10th Amendment, is a powerful one. Given the overreach of Washington and public disgust with politicians’ disregard for the people’s will, a healthy dose of state sovereignty and a reaffirmation of federalism is a good thing.

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