Who Owns and Runs the KEEP Website?

The Kansas Energy and Environmental Policy Advisory Group (KEEP) has an impressive-looking website located at Just by looking at it, you'd think it was an official State of Kansas website, complete with a photograph of Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius and our state seal. But who actually owns this website? A check reveals that the domain name is registered to a Thomas D. Peterson of Fairfax, Virginia. He also owns a few other domain names, including,,, and These, of course, are websites for the states of Minnesota, South Carolina, Florida, and Wisconsin. What does this mean?…
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Kansas Energy and Environmental Policy Advisory Group: Good for Kansas?

Yesterday's Wichita Eagle editorial by Randy Scholfield (Climate group could help state) supports Kansas governor Kathleen Sebelius and her hand-picked Kansas Energy and Environmental Policy Advisory Group (KEEP). Together with an earlier article in the same newspaper (Climate group to assist state on energy plan, June 22, 2008), Kansans have plenty to be worried about as our governor seeks to burnish her national reputation as a green governor as she makes plans for her post-gubernatorial career. The Wall Street Journal got it just right in a recent editorial The 'No, Nothing' Democrats: "Ms. Sebelius is a Democratic wunderkind and her…
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