‘This Week in Kansas’ new to KAKE Television


Update: KAKE now has a webpage for this show. It contains announcements of the topics for each show and video of recent episodes. Click on This Week in Kansas. Also, broadcast time has moved to 10:00 am.

At the end of May, a Kansas broadcasting institution came to an end: Kansas Week, produced by KPTS public television in Wichita. KAKE Television (channel 10) in Wichita immediately started a similar show titled This Week in Kansas, with the same Tim Brown as host. The Topeka Capital-Journal’s Ric Anderson, a frequent guest on the show, provides more detail below.

I was a guest from time to time on Kansas Week, and I’ll be a guest on tomorrow’s episode of This Week in Kansas. The new show is broadcast at 9:00 am Sunday morning.

Shows like This Week in Kansas are a valuable public service, so “thank you” to KAKE for picking up the show.

Additional coverage beside Anderson’s (below) is at KAKE-TV and WIBW-TV Launch New Sunday Morning Political Show and KAKE, Channel 10, to debut “This Week in Kansas,” a public affairs show.

Ratings, schmatings — TV show is good for Kansas

By Ric Anderson

The TV talk show “Kansas Week” has been discontinued, probably because the producers kept putting on some doofy newspaper guy who said “Um” too much and had a face built for print.

Oh wait, that guy was me.

But actually, I’m relieved to report two things about the show: One, I’ve been told I didn’t single-handedly kill it, and two, it’s been resurrected on a different station under a new name.

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4 responses to “‘This Week in Kansas’ new to KAKE Television”

  1. sue c.

    Good thing that they kept the general intent of the show. It will be a much shorter drive for you, too! I am anxious to put this on my DVR. Don’t want to miss it.

    I really enjoyed your past interviews. You always know your material, Bob. That is the best thing about it: learning.

  2. Anonymous

    I continue to hear pundits state that uncertainty is a major factor in job creation. This is true if the job creator is concerned fundamentally with making a profit. The idea of providing goods and services seems to have become a device for amassing fortune, which I consider outside the realm of community or national support. In the sixties the measure of of profit taking for a large corporation was THREE%, today it is much greater.
    The reward for investing in the community is in both in contribution and then profits. The profits are allowed for taking a chance by investing. Today’s idea of business is to want grantees of success but continuing to extract profits. Lets stop the greed and recover the principals which made this country economic leader in the world.

  3. […] a recent newspaper column and an appearance on the KAKE Television public affairs program This Week in Kansas, H. Edward Flentje of Wichita State University said that we should seek to align government […]

  4. Mahlon Riggs

    Aug 21,2011
    Once again you devoted a lot of airtime and whining about the NEA and the Arts Council.
    Get over it you pompous, elitist idiots!
    I realize you are Progressives, and have far more in Common with our unlamented former Governor Kathleen Sibelius, and actively hate and despise the TEA Party, and Conservatives, but quit your whining.
    If the NEA did what you claimed it was set up to do, I wouldn’t have a problem with it! But it is does not. And I am not impressed with how the “elites” in this State spent the money they got for the arts. If you think they did such a great job, you put up your own money for it.
    I am getting tired of a bunch of Progressive Statist Elites who think they so smart and criticize the rest of us, because we don’t fall down and worship your superior intellect.
    I remember how the News Media in this State treated the Left-wing ideologue Sibelius. You lied for her, and refused to call her on her obvious lies. So I really don’t expect you to like Governor Brownback, or the people that voted for him.
    But drop the Arts Commision, nobody even Left-wing idiots on the street level thinks it important. Just elitist like you.
    sincerely; Mahlon Riggs
    Florence, Kansas

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