Bob Novak’s Final ENPR Edition


A sad email appeared in my inbox yesterday. Its title — ENPR: FINAL EDITION — gave me cause to think the worst had happened. Fortunately it hasn’t, but the news is sad nonetheless.

ENPR is the Evans-Novak Political Report, a fascinating report compiled since 1967. Last year, Bob Novak (Rowland Evans died in 2001) was diagnosed with a brain tumor, and this is what has lead to the stoppage of this newsletter.

Last summer in Austin, Texas I attended an event where Bob Novak was the featured dinner speaker. He took many questions from the audience, and didn’t seem to shy away from expressing forceful opinions. I spoke briefly to him afterwards and told him how I enjoyed his autobiography The Prince of Darkness: 50 Years Reporting in Washington. It was just a week later when news of Novak’s tumor was reported.

Hopefully, Mr. Novak’s health will improve.

The final edition is at ENPR: FINAL EDITION.


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  1. wichitator

    Bob Novak’s departure from the political and policy reporting is a huge loss to the entire country. I wish him well in fighting this terrible illness that has afflicted him.

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