Mike Pompeo congressional launch committee announced


Advance release for readers of the Voice For Liberty in Wichita.

Wichita businessman Mike Pompeo has formed a launch committee to support his bid for the United States House of Representatives from the fourth congressional district of Kansas. Additional information will be forthcoming as it becomes available.

The fourth district includes Wichita, Sedgwick County, and much of south-central Kansas. Todd Tiahrt of Goddard currently represents this district. This seat is open because Tiahrt is running for the United States Senate.

Pompeo is the National Committeeman for the State of Kansas, and is one of three Kansas members on the Republican National Committee.

Members of the launch committee are:

Linda & Roy Baker, Wichita
Adam & Ellen Beren, Wichita
C. Douglas Blex, Independence
Bob & Martha Buford, Wichita
Kenya Cox, Wichita
Chuck & Susie Grier, Wichita
Bud Hentzen, Wichita
Mark K. Herbert, Wichita
Al & Judy Higdon, Wichita
Tony & Michele Isaac, Wichita
Dwight Keen, Winfield
Tyson Langhofer, Andover
Rick Macias, Wichita
Doug Malone, Wichita
Steven J. Martens, Wichita
Nancy A. & John D. McEwen, Augusta
Mike & Dee Michaelis, Wichita
Scott Redler, Wichita
Lisa Ritchie, Wichita
Todd & Julie Sipe, Wichita
Harvey R. Sorensen, Wichita
Dan & Kate Taylor, Andover
Jeff & Rhonda Turner, Wichita
Dan Unruh, Wichita
Jerry Wallace, Cherryvale
Sheryl Wohlford, Wichita


9 responses to “Mike Pompeo congressional launch committee announced”

  1. Anyone who would like to meet Mike Pompeo and hear him speak should come to Friday’s Wichita Pachyderm Club meeting. Come at 11:45 am for lunch at Whiskey Creek Steakhouse on Mosely just south of second street in Wichita’s old town. Including Lunch, the event is only $10.00 without lunch the meeting is $3.00.
    see http://www.WichitaPachyderm.net for more information on our organization.

  2. Steve

    Mr. Pompeo is a good guy, but politically naive. It would be interesting for Mike to reconcile his duty, honor, and country background with that of many of his supporters that are known moderates RINOs and have no idea what honor is. The question for Mike is how much is his soul worth?

  3. James

    I don’t know many of those listed so I can’t say if they are RINO’s or not, but those names that I do recognize are definitely not RINOs.

    And I know Mike himself and he is rock solid conservative. I really hope the 4th doesn’t turn ugly a year before the election.

  4. Steve

    Beren, Marten, Turner and Wolhford have worked against Republicans before. This doesn’t mean that Mike is not a good candidate or that the race will turn ugly. I believe Wolhford was involved on Democrat Carl Brewer’s campaign so was Jeff Turner. Some of the people on the list have conservative credentials, but some will turn on you in a second.

  5. Cybex

    Steve, don’t forget Steve Martens. He is certainly not pro-life nor conservative, but there is about another half a dozen or so with similar credentials as Mr. Martens on the list. The question is who is Mike Pompeo going to listen to his conservative supporters or the RINOs? or is it who contributes the most money?

  6. Carla

    I too was disappointed to see the Pompeo launch committee……………….turncoats, many
    of them. Perhaps he is keeping his enemies close!!!!!!!!

  7. Nate

    Or perhaps he is interested in uniting the Republican party for once. There is a good balance of social conservatives and fiscal conservatives. Pompeo is strongly in the conservative camp, but has support from the entire Republican party. That sounds like a strong candidate to me.

  8. […] contests, according to Michael Barone. Announced Republican candiates include GOP committeeman Mike Pompeo and state Rep. Dick Kelsey. The Democrats are hoping to get either Wichita Mayor Carl Brewer or […]

  9. […] Today’s announcement was merely a formality, as Pompeo said he’s been campaigning for 17 weeks, and on April 7 of this year, I reported exclusively on the members of his campaign’s launch committee in the story Mike Pompeo congressional launch committee announced. […]

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