More Kansans for Ron Paul


By John Todd.

The people know much better how to spend their money than the government. — Ron Paul

The economic prosperity and the freedom that people of this country enjoy today were a result of low taxes combined with little or no regulations dating back to the founding. People were free to use the fruits of their labor and their property as they wished, and through this freedom they created the most prosperous country in the world with the greatest amount of individual freedom. Today, Ron Paul is the only candidate for president who understands the dangers to our economic prosperity and freedom that has resulted as people have learned to vote themselves money from the government treasury and how to take other peoples property through government regulations. The result has been high taxes and regulations that threaten our prosperity and freedom, and we must stop this slide.

Ron Paul says, “too many politicians and lobbyists are spending America into ruin. We are nine trillion dollars in debt as a nation. Our mounting government debt endangers the financial future of our children and grandchildren. If we don’t cut spending now, higher taxes and economic disaster will be in their future — and yours.”

How does this impact Kansas? The per capita share of the national debt is around $30,000 per Kansan or $120,000 for a Kansas family of four! Our own state budget has grown to nearly $13 billion. Six billion of the $13 billion that comes from state general funds with all source funds accounting for the balance. A large portion of the “all source” funds come from the Federal Government. What we as a people have allowed is for the Federal Government to overtax us, and then place our state in a position to compete with 49 other states to recover our own money. And when the money comes back to Kansas, it has “strings” attached on how the money can be spent, thus allowing non-elected federal bureaucrats in Washington to control us through their imposed regulations. What does this do to state sovereignty? We need to stop this abuse, and Ron Paul is the only candidate for president who is willing to do it! Ron Paul says, “The Constitution was written to restrain the government, never to restrain the people.”

Ron Paul is clearly the only presidential candidate, who understands individual liberty vs. the collectivism that permeates our country, private property rights that restrict governments ability to give our house, business, or farm to the politically well-connected, free market capitalism, and the need for limited government that eliminates the onerous overburdening regulation that stifles our businesses, our personal lives, and our freedom.


2 responses to “More Kansans for Ron Paul”

  1. “The people know much better how to spend their money than the government. ”

    More like: “Extended warranty? How can I lose!”

    Downtown on Broadway you can find all kinds of people that know how to spend their money better than the Government, from crack addicts to pimps. Clearly, the people have spoken: “screw government programs, let’s smoke crack/meth/dope, buy hookers, and get some items at Rent-a-Center, and a title loan while we’re at it!”

  2. Richard Foster

    And who gave them the money for that crack? The government gave them a check that was paid for by the us tax payer. liberate yourself from the corporation of America and it’s drug running bankers.Vote for Ron.

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