On Stossel, Pompeo defends NSA programs


Last week U.S. Representative Mike Pompeo of Wichita appeared on Stossel to defend the programs the National Security Agency uses to gather data on Americans and others.

Stossel has broken with many libertarians on this issue, illustrating, as Pompeo tells him, this issue is not partisan.

As member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, Pompeo certainly knows a lot about U.S. Intelligence programs, and probably knows much that he can’t reveal to the public.

But I’ve wondered this: If it’s true that the information leaked by Edward Snowden has harmed the security of the United States, how is it that this was able to happen? Aren’t there many thousands of people with knowledge and information similar to, or greater than, what Snowden had access to? Is the security of our country dependent on all of them keeping their secrets?


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  1. Ictator

    Data is the power to destroy in the wrong hands. It is sad that the U.S. has utilized technology that brings Orwell’s 1984 to full life. What began as a fight for freedom is metastasizing into a digital state where every click is counted and privacy is abolished.

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