Todd Tiahrt to Speak at Wichita Pachyderm Club


On Friday February 6, 2009, United States Congressman for the fourth district of Kansas Todd Tiahrt will speak at a meeting of the Wichita Pachyderm Club.

Rep. Tiahrt is a candidate for the United States Senate. His congressional district includes Wichita and most of south-central Kansas.

The club meets at the Whiskey Creek Steakhouse in Old Town, at 230 N. Mosely. The meeting starts at noon, but it is suggested to arrive early.


6 responses to “Todd Tiahrt to Speak at Wichita Pachyderm Club”

  1. Ron

    Todd has changed over the last 16 years in Washington. Jerry Moran has not been changed by the Beltway mentality. Todd is a good man, but he is better off waiting until Brownback is governor and he can be appointed to the Sen. Roberts’s seat prior to 2012. This is a win-win for the people of Kansas and the Republicans, but greed and ambition sometimes blinds the person. Todd, please, wait!

  2. Kansas Kay

    If by unchanged you mean willing to pander to any audience that happens to sit in front of him, then yes, Jerry is still the same guy. Did Jerry campaign for Obama or was he just celebrating his win in the Eagle last Friday when he was saying how great Obama was to work with (“Moran: Obama easier to work with than Bush” Wichita Eagle 1-31).

    Was he praising Obama’s signing of the executive order for the United States to outsource abortions with taxpayer money all around the world, Obama’s trying to shove terrorists down Kansas’ throats, Obama’s signing legislation making it easier for trial lawyers to get rich on the backs of women and business, or possibly Obama’s attempt to spend billions of dollars pandering to Democrat bases and call it stimulus. Which of these actions in Obama’s first 10 days was Jerry so pleased with?

  3. Ron

    Kansas Kay you need some anger management and soon. The battle will be between Jerry and Todd. Obama is not running against neither one of them and will not be helping either one, but the Dems will use this type of bickering to perhaps win the seat. We, Republicans, don’t need Democrats to defeat when we have each other. I served in the Legislature with both of them so I know them well. I don’t agree with some of the issues that either one has proposed in the past, but we must be smart over the elections of 2010 or we risk losing everything. If Todd did not win do you want a Democrat or Jerry Moran?

  4. Joe Williams

    I can’t see Todd really wining the Senate seat. The rest of the state doesn’t really like Wichita at all.

    NE Kansas treats us like crap and rural Kansas doesn’t like the so called “big city” folks.

    It’s going to be an easy win for Moran. I’m sorry.

    The 4th Congressional District race will be interesting though. I’m sure it will be packed full of candidates on both sides, so the Primaries will be very interesting as it will be determined by a plurality.

  5. Sloan

    Locally, Mike Pompeo could be a contender for the 4th. He has money; can raise money; and is West Point grad. He is a political novice, but has a great asset in wife Susan. Matt Schlapp is a lobbyist and worked for Bush. Sue Schlapp, Sen. Kelsey, and Rep. Brunk are low draft picks. Senator Wagle would be an attractive choice and her time has come. The Dems that the media has mentioned as possible opponents don’t need to bother in applying.

  6. Charlotte

    I agree with Ron. The Republicans don’t need to be fighting amongst each other.

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