U.S. national debt clock


U.S. national debt clockU.S. national debt clock

A handy reference source for figures about U.S. debt and spending, as well as a place to spend a few moments watching the live numbers spin by, is U.S. national debt clock.

The large panel has live-updated numbers for national debt and spending, tax revenue, state and local revenue and debt, spending on large budget items, gross domestic product, and many other items. Explanations of the meaning of each item, as well as sources for each data item, are supplied.

One of the most ominous figures on the display is gross debt to GDP ratio, which is at about 93.5 percent. This means that our national debt is almost equal to one year’s output of the entire U.S. economy, meaning it would require everyone in the country to work 48 weeks to pay off the national debt.


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