What does Success Mean for President Obama?


Today’s Wichita Eagle editorial is typical of many that wish our new president success — for the good of the nation, of course.

What, however, does success for President Obama mean? There are two (or more) ways that success might be realized.

One definition of success is that President Obama is able to lead our nation into a long period of peace and prosperity.

A second definition is that he is able to implement the items and programs on his agenda. This agenda includes things like quick implementation of an economic stimulus program, but also longer-term goals such as nationalization of health care and cap-and-trade to reduce carbon emissions. The problem is that these things, I believe, will be harmful to our country.

So how can we wish President Obama success in implementing harmful programs?


One response to “What does Success Mean for President Obama?”

  1. Melody

    We don’t wish success in implementing harmful programs.

    We support the President of the United States and

    share and receive respect as provided within the

    constitution of the United States of America.

    We are not a perfect people. We allow and respect the

    President the opportunity and

    gift of learning, evaluating and giving us knowledge of what

    challenges exist in the United States of America,

    beyond our own immediate knowledge.

    We work as a people and learn and teach when allowed.

    We respect not all of the decisions made by a leader

    could be construed as

    ‘healthy’ for the country.

    That is why we have elections every ‘4’ years in the United

    States of America.

    In all parts of the world there are elections.

    Those elections are not always just about the people in the

    country of the election. The people ‘elected’ are

    representative a majority of the population and allegedly

    ‘opinions’ most times.

    When a new leader is elected, there is an opportunity for

    a type of different point of view, ‘country housecleaning’ or

    a kind of International Tribunal for a country.

    That involves what kind of

    respect you share and receive when

    interacting with representatives of all countries of

    the world.

    Have a nice day please.

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