Visualization: Business Formation Statistics by County

An interactive visualization of business formation in counties.

Business Formation Statistics (BFS) are a standard data product of the U.S. Census Bureau developed at the Center for Economic Studies in research collaboration with economists affiliated with Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, University of Maryland, and University of Notre Dame. BFS provide timely and high frequency information on new business applications and formations in the United States.

The program’s page is here.

While the Census Bureau provides tables and visualizations, I’ve collected the data and present it as an interactive visualization with different views.

For counties, the Bureau provides a single annual figure, which is the count of application for an Employer Identification Number (EIN). For states and the nation, the Bureau provides monthly statistics with more detail. See Visualization: Business Formation Statistics by State for more information and an interactive visualization of this data.

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