Visualization: City populations

An interactive visualization of city and other populations.

Each year the United States Census Bureau produces population estimates through its Population and Housing Unit Estimates program. I have gathered some of this data and present it in an interactive visualization.

The estimates are for July first of each year. When the Census Bureau produces estimates for a new year, it also revises the estimates for prior years.

The Census Bureau provides the data at several summary levels:

  • State
  • County
  • Minor Civil Division
  • Minor Civil Division place part
  • County place part
  • Incorporated place
  • Consolidated city
  • Place within consolidated city

Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA) are not part of this Census Bureau data set. For those, click on Visualization: Metropolitan Statistical Area populations.

A nearby example plots the population of two cities. The chart also plots the percent change from the prior year. It is common for large changes to appear in decennial census years like 2010, as estimates are recalibrated to the census.

Click here to access the visualization.

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Example from the visualization. Click for larger.