Promoting Employment Across Kansas, or PEAK

An interactive visualization of data regarding PEAK (Promoting Employment Across Kansas), an economic development incentive program.

PEAK, or Promoting Employment Across Kansas, is an economic development program administered by the Kansas Department of Commerce. Information about PEAK from that department may be found at Promoting Employment Across Kansas. Other information about PEAK is available from the Department of Revenue and from Voice for Liberty.

I’ve gathered information about PEAK projects and present the data in an interactive visualization. The List table is a simply list of the available data.

The table shows the count of PEAK projects, the sum of new or retained jobs, and the sum of the annual benefits for the projects.

In the table view, you may select which counties appear. Also, a slider lets you choose the minimum number of projects a county must have in order to appear. This is helpful as there are many counties with just one or two projects.

Source of data is Kanview, specifically this page: Promoting Employment Across Kansas (PEAK) Program.

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Example from the visualization.