Jeff Longwell out-of-town campaign contributions


In a story filed at the Wichita Eagle online site, Wichita City Council Member Jeff Longwell stated “We often get contributions from a wide variety of sources, including out-of-town people.” (Sedgwick County Commissioner Karl Peterjohn questions out-of-state contributions to challenger Jeff Longwell, viewable at

Peterjohn had called attention to $3,250 in contributions received by Longwell from executives and family associated with Walbridge, a Michigan construction company. These contributions were received immediately before and after Longwell voted in favor of Walbridge and its local partner in a contract dispute.

More information is at Michigan company involved in disputed Wichita airport contract contributes to Jeff Longwell and Wichita City Council can’t judge airport contract.

Analysis of Longwell’s July 30, 2012 campaign finance report shows that the only contributions received from addresses outside Kansas are the Walbridge contributions from Michigan, which contradicts Longwell’s claim.

Additionally, analysis of ten recent campaign finance reports filed by Longwell going back to 2007 found three contributions totaling $1,500 from California addresses.


2 responses to “Jeff Longwell out-of-town campaign contributions”

  1. sue c.

    Longwell must think we are so stupid we won’t do any research! Of course the suppression of this information by the Eagle helps. The Eagle is probably suppressing this now, but if he has a Democrat opponent, you can be sure this will be front page news until Nov!

  2. The Red Queen

    I know of 2 letters to the editor, regardingLongwell’s ethics in accepting these monies, that have not been printed and both were submitted by the Eagle deadline. I have cancelled my subsciription. I urge everyone else to do the same. Seems LOngwell is not the only one coming up short in the ethics department!

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