At Wichita Chisholm Trail Elementary School, Why is Increased Enrollment a Problem?


Today’s Wichita Eagle reports Wichita area schools’ enrollment increases.

Featured in this story is Chisholm Trail Elementary School, which added 112 students. The enrollment there is now 576. Interim superintendent Martin Libhart and other officials held a press conference there, presumably to emphasize the plight of this school.

Someone has already mentioned to me today that the capacity of this school is 600 students. I looked in the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for USD 259, and the most recent report does state that the capacity of this school is 600.

How can 576 students be a problem if the capacity is, in fact, 600?

If 576 students are a problem, why is the capacity of this school given as 600?

Why didn’t Wichita Eagle reporter Lori Yount mention this?

Why didn’t a Wichita Eagle editor suggest this fact be included in the story?


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