For Kansas school spending lobby, truth is frustrating


Today’s lead Wichita Eagle editorial complains that a Kansas public policy group’s position on school fund balances is frustrating.

It would be one thing if the findings made by the Kansas Policy Institute were false. But it has been found that these findings are true: Kansas schools have been spending down the funds in the way that KPI has said they could do.

The problem is that these facts are inconvenient to the school spending lobby and its request for ever-increasing funding for schools at the expense of taxpayers and other competing budget interests. It should be noted that this lobby is a special interest group itself, as is the teachers union, school employees, unions like SEIU that represent school employees, and school superintendents. The Kansas Policy Institute, according to its website and also my observation of its activities, advocates for “free enterprise solutions and the protection of personal freedom.” These are things that everyone benefits from. It is incorrect and wrong for the Wichita Eagle to refer to KPI as a special interest group.

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One response to “For Kansas school spending lobby, truth is frustrating”

  1. sue

    I totally agree, Bob. Well said.

    When are people going to wake up and smell the coffee. The State of Kansas spends 65% of its ENTIRE budget on education. That leaves the other paltry 35% for everything else.

    And that still isn’t enough? Ha.

    The education department is bloated with bureaucrats who spend money like drunken sailors, and get fat salaries for doing so. I say cut admin by 50% and give it to the teachers and the classrooms.

    These kleptocrats with their cushy jobs prey on public sympathy and ignorance. Time to wake up Kansas!!

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