In Albuquerque, Someone Already Doesn’t Like Winston Brooks


Yesterday was departed USD 259 (Wichita public school district) superintendent Winston Brooks’ last day on the job in Wichita. I don’t know how much time he’s spent in Albuquerque, but someone there already doesn’t care much for him.

The blog Diogenes’six contains quite a few posts about Brooks. Use the blog’s search feature.


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  1. Thanks for the shout out for Diogenes’ six.
    My over all goal is honest accountability for public servants within their public service.

    The Achilles Heel of public corruption and incompetence, at least here in Albuquerque, is the school board; a relatively powerless group; less powerful than the city council, the county commission and the state legislature.

    They have a weakness, which I am sure is shared by every school board everywhere, including Wichita.

    Somewhere they will have written that students are accountable to a higher standard of conduct; one that requires them in their communications to be candid, forthright and honest.

    It is logical to argue that school board members and administrators are accountable as role models;

    of a higher standard of conduct.

    When I asked Winston Brooks at a school board meeting a couple of weeks ago, if he would be held honestly accountable to the same standard of conduct that he will enforce upon students, he froze like a deer in headlights.

    They can’t answer the question; the only defense of their indefensible position is to stonewall.

    Stonewalling looks bad, even if the media is covering for them.

    It sounds like you are still having problems with leadership which is not honestly accountable as public servants, or as role models.

    Maybe you can work the role modeling angle.

    Good luck, and thanks again for the mention of Diogenes’ six.

    ched macquigg

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