Karen Walker for Wichita school board


Karen Walker is a strong candidate for board of USD 259, the Wichita public school district.

Her commitment to fiscal responsibility is refreshing. With training and experience in accounting and auditing, she will help hold down costs plus provide transparency about where our tax dollars are being spent in Wichita schools.

Connie Dietz is her opponent. For years, Dietz has been a major obstacle on the Wichita Board of Education to any significant change in how our students are taught or ways to reduce costs. She made the motion to add $20 million to the bond election to build expensive sports complexes at every high school rather than upgrade our classrooms to teach employable skills. Now her campaign is being funded by the architects and contractors who will profit from this construction. (See Wichita school board of education campaign contributions.)

It is time to elect a person to replace Connie Dietz — someone who will stand up for students, teachers, and the taxpayers. Karen Walker has the experience and willingness to serve the students of USD259 and taxpayers — not the special interests who want more of our tax dollars to line their own pockets.

You can learn more about Karen Walker by clicking on Karen Walker for Wichita Board of Education.


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  1. Cybex

    Karen Walker is an excellent candidate for the school board. Her background in accounting and auditing would be very beneficial not only to the taxpayers, but also to the other board members. She is not afraid of asking questions and confronting the problems.

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