Let’s Spend on Wichita School Facilities, But Not Maintain Them?


A writer in The Wichita Eagle (May 21, 2008) makes the case that since one of the persons opposed to the proposed USD 259 (Wichita public school district) bond issue in 2008 hasn’t been in a Wichita public school for many years, he isn’t as credible as he could be. If he would take a tour of the schools, he would better understand the magnitude of the problem.

As the person who is the subject of this letter, I can say that I don’t agree with the premise of this writer. That’s because I agree that some school buildings and facilities are in poor condition.

What’s really puzzling about the letter is this: “I have absolutely no faith that the school board will properly maintain any new sports facilities should the bond issue pass.” So this letter writer wants us to spend many millions on sports facilities and upgrades, but has no faith they will be properly cared for. Does this make any sense?


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