Wichita Choices Fair equals selective vouchers


Here’s a letter that appeared in today’s Wichita Eagle. The author makes a good point. I think the answer to the author’s rhetorical question is that USD 259, the Wichita school district, believes in choice, as long as it’s choice on their terms. The choices offered by USD 259 are very limited when compared to the spectrum of opportunities children and parents have in many parts of the country.

The Wichita school district’s Choices Fair was held for parents to select which magnet school best fit their child’s needs (Feb. 20 Local & State). The money assigned to that student will follow him to the selected school. That sounds like a voucher.

Why does only a select group get vouchers? Why don’t all parents get to choose the school (magnet, public, private, etc.) that best fits their child’s needs? Wouldn’t this be fair?

Are these fairs paid for by only the select group of taxpayers, or by all taxpayers?



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  1. NuclearNow

    If you had a monopoly that did a mediocre job, would you want to open up the door to competition. It would be like the big three auto makers in 1960 cheering on Japanese car makers. Yes, public schools allow magnets and virtual schools, and give the parents a “voucher”, then charge the taxpayer the full price, even if the virtual schools costs a lot less than a “normal” school. This is fair in the world of monopolies.

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