Wichita school board approves suit for more funding


Kansas Watchdog has a thorough report on the proceedings at last night’s meeting of the Wichita school board, where the district decided to join in a lawsuit against the people of Kansas. Click on Wichita School Board Approves Spending Up to $250,000 to Sue for More Funding for the story.


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  1. Anonymous

    I think it is absurd that the schools in our state would even think of suing the state of Kansas over more funding! Our state is in a crisis financially. and what is even worse is that schools have asked for bond issues in previous years, raising our property taxes. What are we getting in return? NOTHING! I know from personal experience that our schools are graduating nothing but a bunch of “ill-educated dummies”! My own son being one of them.
    I think it’s time our schools started cutting out sports. If completely, so be it! After all we send our kids to school to learn. Not to play games! And our so-called “sports professionals” aren’t the best influence on our kids today anyway. What with the drug use, dog-fighting, sex offenses, and other criminal activity they are involved in. And to think our schools promote this type of activity. It makes me wander how many of our school officaials are invoved in the same type of activity.
    I think it’s time we got back to some basics of learning and not who can make the best ball player. I don’t like my tax dollars going for such nonsense. A BIG waste!

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