Wichita School Bond: 25% Might Come From Other Pocket


One of the ways the Wichita school bond was promoted was the 25% argument. This referred to the fact that the state of Kansas would pay 25% of the bond repayment costs. USD 259, the Wichita public school district, urged Wichitans to think of this as free money.

As reported in news media, the Kansas budget is under severe stress. Part of the problem is the rapid increase in education spending mandated by the Kansas Supreme Court. Now the Wichita school district, by the passage of the bond issue, adds perhaps $7.5 million per year in additional spending commitments to our state, once all the bonds are sold.

Where will this money come from? As reported in the Kansas Liberty article Looming deficits force education funding cuts or a tax increase, education spending is the most likely place legislators will look to cut spending.

So it may turn out that the 25% the state owes the Wichita school district will be paid for by reducing other funding the state sends this school district.


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