Wichita student writing makes me wonder


A comment left to one of my videos on YouTube reads exactly like this:

no we need the bond issue because hes not in school and some schools do not have things that good like rich schools and they need to vote yes and plus it would give us a good sports things and more space in hallways like my school who has 1,170 kids in my school

According to this person’s profile on YouTube, he (or she; I can’t tell) is 16 years old. That’s well into high school; maybe even just a year from graduation.

It’s common that when writing email messages or in other online media contexts, people are often less formal than when writing in other situations. But shouldn’t a student who writes like this, especially regarding a school matter, cause us to question the product that USD 259, the Wichita public school district, produces?

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2 responses to “Wichita student writing makes me wonder”

  1. Lynn

    This student has probably been taught by USD 259 staff that 2 plus 2 = 5 or whatever you “feel” it should be.

  2. Jennifer

    I was told by an Advisor from a USD 259 High School that because my 16 year old son would be better off dropping out because of his truancy. My son is very smart but noone at this particular school showed any interest. Today my son is in school online at home. I am very happy to report that he has a B average.

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