Will George Fahnestock Vote For the Wichita School Bond Issue?


Wichita’s mysterious “Boondoggler” posted today that George Fahnestock, the businessman selected to lead the campaign for the proposed bond issue for USD 259, the Wichita public schools, doesn’t live in the Wichita school district. The post is Fahnestock’s Motivation? A map of his house, along with school district boundaries, may be viewed here.

Earlier this year, USD 259 board members Lynn Rogers and Kevass Harding made an issue of the fact that a mailing address used by Citizens For Better Education, an anti-bond group, was in the Maize school district. A “fact check” sheet on USD 259’s website raised the same issue. You can almost feel the glee school district officials must have felt when they learned this.

So when it turns out that the celebrity spokesman for the bond issue doesn’t live in the Wichita school district, I wonder what the board’s reaction will be.

To me, it’s not a very substantive issue. There are many more important reasons to oppose this bond issue. But it raises these questions:

Shouldn’t a celebrity spokesperson for an issue at least be able to vote on the issue? Fahnestock, by not living within the boundaries of USD 259, isn’t eligible to vote for the bond issue.

Then, what is Fahnestock’s motivation for wanting the bond issue passed? As part or whole owner of two companies that work in the heating and air conditioning field, would that be any motivation?

Why is business support for this bond issue so weak that a businessman who lives within the district can’t be found to speak up for the bond?


5 responses to “Will George Fahnestock Vote For the Wichita School Bond Issue?”

  1. I know the man is a very pro-Wichita guy. People think there is some business payoff for this, but I don’t believe that is the case.

    You can disagree with the issue that he is advocating for, such as this one or the DT arena, but his intentions are noble and admirable. Wichita needs a lot more business leaders like him to help promote our community, regardless if you feel its wrong. The thing is that he is very involved in our community and has the city pride that we all should share. Even all of his company vehicles sport the WSU alumni plates.

    Personally, my stance on the bond issue, is that I don’t like the idea of borrowing money for anything. This $370 million bond will turn into $600 million by the time it’s paid off. That is a huge waste of tax payers money. We haven’t even paid off the last school bond issue.

    That is why I supported the DT Arena. Because we didn’t have to borrow money for that. The renovations of Britt Brown would have cost tax payers more than the sales tax collection of the DT Arena.

    I wish we could fund our entire government operations with sales tax. Get rid of income and property taxes. That is why I’m a big supporter of the Fair Tax. I wish we could do that in the state level.

  2. He may love Wichita, but not enough to live in it!

  3. Chuck

    I hope Fahnestock can hook Wichita Liberty up with some air conditioning because it sure is hot in here!

  4. Richard

    Fahnestock, what a joke! Well, it is better than recruiting Russ Meyer, who lives in Arizona most of the time and comes to Wichita only to receive awards and meddle in our business.

  5. Dana

    I think I dated his niece Susan Fahnestock
    My first love of my life.
    To the rest of you what a bunch of maroons.LOL. You’ll never learn buy ya books send ya to school and all you did was party while I was going to Church and doing my homework. Serves you all right!


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