Fired KAKE reporter on Joseph Ashby Show


Today former KAKE Television news reporter Jared Cerullo appeared on the Joseph Ashby Show. Audio is here or below.

Additional background on this matter is at KAKE Viewers Say Reporter Was Fired, Express Their Anger on Station’s Facebook Page.

There’s also this story: Wichita mayor said to be ‘under lockdown.’ At this point it is not known whether there is any connection between this story and Cerullo’s departure from KAKE.


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  1. Bill

    Hello Joseph:

    I listen to your show every morning and was setback the other day when you made remarks and yes I said remarks about our 35th President of the United States, No matter what you think of this man I thought that you were very crass with your comments, at that time in our history there was a lot of turmoil and I think that he brought this country back together with the if you want to call it the Camelot syndrome, I was in the USAF at that time and I am very proud to say he was my Commander and Chief, I know like most other politicians he was a man who had indiscretions and was protected by the media, however he had the charisma of a real leader and to me commanded the respect as a President should with one exception of course, I can not respect the present holder of that office as I think he is about to transform our country in a way that will permanently damage our status in the world

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