Flint Hills Center adds investigative reporter

The Flint Hills Center for Public Policy in Wichita announces the hiring of an investigative reporter. The press release is below.

As newspapers, magazines, and television face tough economic times, it’s thought that one model that might emerge is journalism sponsored by non-profit institutions such as the Flint Hills Center.

I believe that journalism is a vitally important institution in our country. It’s a necessary function in any democracy. With mounting layoffs at newspapers, many papers simply don’t have the manpower to produce the in-depth investigative reporting that keeps government, especially, in check. Wichitans and Kansans should welcome this innovative effort by the Flint Hills Center and wish Paul Souter good luck as he starts a new chapter in his career.

Public Policy Center Adds Investigative Reporter


  • I am so happy for Paul. He is deserving of this job! I will send him a congratulatory e-mail. He will do the Flint Hills Center justice.

  • I’m very grateful for the opportunity to help the Flint Hills Center for Public Policy move forward and for the support of friends. It’s going to be a great experience working with great Kansas bloggers like Bob and local media to shine some more light into local government.

  • Hey Bob – This is really good news. I have been bashing the Koch’s & Americans for Prosperity for months for condoning the fascist corruption that exists in the Wichita school district, city government & district courts. I was afraid that you & Meadowlark were going to be the only legitimate source of news in Kansas. Bill McKean kiakahahaha at yahoo 293-6079

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