WichitaLiberty.TV: After the Kansas tax increases


In this episode of WichitaLiberty.TV: Jonathan Williams, chief economist at American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), joins Bob Weeks and Karl Peterjohn to discuss what ALEC does, and then topics specific to Kansas. View below, or click here to view at YouTube. Episode 159, broadcast July 30, 2017.



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  1. Matt

    You know, it’s quite telling how conservatives constantly say “people vote with their feet.” Interesting, both last year and in 2015, Kansas was ranked among the worst states for outbound moves, according to United Van Lines (6th worst in 2015, 5th worst last year). By the way, United Van Lines has ev been used by conservatives. Why didn’t you show the migration graph for Kansas on that website that you showed? Probably because if one looks at the migration graph, you see out-migration continuing (if not getting worst). Just last year, we heard some conservatives claiming Kansas was a “hero,” and full of opportunity. Apparently they didn’t talk to the thousands who’ve left since the tax cuts.

    As for North Carolina, it’s interesting to note that, before the cuts, they had the highest income taxes in the South. From 1993 to 2011, North Carolina (despite having the highest income taxes in the South throughout that time) saw twice as much net in-migration than Tennessee, which, up til recently, had a very limited income tax. Interestingly, both Texas and Florida had a net loss to North Carolina during that time.

    Which is it? Is Kansas a hero (which, last I checked, also means model) or not? Not a very coherent argument.

  2. Anonymous

    actually not true Matt. I love how liberals just make their facts up. Go to IRS migration stats which are the most accurate out there. Lying has worked well for you I am sure Matt. What a joke!

  3. Matt

    Actually you look at the numbers. Everything I said is backed up by IRS data. Go to United Van Lines site and you’ll see that point too. Wake up dude.

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