WichitaLiberty.TV: Kansas gubernatorial candidate Greg Orman


In this episode of WichitaLiberty.TV: Independent candidate for Kansas governor Greg Orman joins Bob and Karl to explain why he should be our next governor. View below, or click here to view at YouTube. Episode 208, broadcast September 9, 2018.



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  1. This is enlightening. I have been thinking about Orman, and this interview has helped me know him better as a viable candidate. Thanks.

  2. Marc Bachman

    Orman says “I have a plan to grow the Kansas economy. You can see it on my website.” Let me help you here, this is his “policy”: We need to have a coherent strategy to grow the Kansas economy if we’re going to be able to meet the challenges that come from an increasingly dependent population. The first step in developing this strategy is to identify our state’s natural advantages and leverage them. We also need to identify the bottlenecks to growth, many of which are regional, and develop strategies to address them….I believe it’s the government’s responsibility to create an environment that’s conducive to private sector job creation and economic growth.

    Finally, Kansas needs to re-establish our tradition of being welcoming to all people who are willing to work hard and play by the rules. Kansas won’t thrive if we turn people away or discriminate against them for any reason.

    We will identify specific policy changes that we intend to pursue to make government more responsive to the needs of the private sector so that it can create jobs and opportunities for every Kansas citizen who wants to work.”
    If you can read doublespeak, maybe you can translate this to some specific plan of action. I can’t . I’d have to say his plan to fix what’s “broken” in the two party system is a bunch of doublespeak bunk. Which definitely and always goes nowhere. Elect this guy for 4 years of nothingness and continuing shrinkage of the Kansas economy.

  3. L. Curtis

    Fast 25 minutes listening to the Show. Maybe we do need an Independent to inject new ideas but both Democrats & Republicans will probably oppose anything proposed.

    Economy,,,, it is not the tax cuts that bring business to Kansas. It is easily recognized that taxes are a small part of doing Business. Workforce, raw material, distribution all have a much higher priority in production of any goods produced. We are halfway to any coast Gulf, East, West. We should promote our Strengths such as Agriculture & Aircraft AND well educated Workers.
    Taxes,,,,,,,,,,the taxes were redefined as FEES and shifted back onto us all along with an increase in Sales Tax. This strategy hurt the low income family & elder the most as they rely on less dollars.
    Education,,,,,In my opinion we supplement Big Business just like Fees supplement State Government. What do I mean? We educate our Youth only to see them move to other States to find good jobs///////with State Government FEES replace taxes as Neither Party will be responsible enough to say they increased taxes.
    Government Agencies,,,,,,,,,, Do they slow economic progress? Yes. Often the Agency Head wants to show their Importance by passing more Regulations slowing business growth. Government Agencies should only be used to protect the people,, rather than provide one business any advantage over another through Regulation.
    Government Agencies are not allowed to keep over-budgeted monies from year to year creating a “Use it or Lose it” mentality toward spending. Then FEES are created & Increased as budget short falls happen. Once again putting more strain on Young Families & the Elderly with low or fixed income.
    Change,,,,,, yes maybe we are at that point where change is needed over the Democrat & Republican Parties. President Trump has been very successful in getting more & more people to take an interest in National Politics. We should look to State Politics the same way.

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