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  • New Kansas blog: Cold Friday

    New Kansas blog: Cold Friday

    There is a new conservative blog in Kansas, Cold Friday. It describes its goal as “to provide thoughtful opinions on current events and the moral issues of the day.”

  • Welcome back, Gidget

    Gidget stepped away for a few months, but happily she is back writing about Kansas politics at Kansas GOP Insider (wannabe).

  • In Kansas, Community Bridge Blog lies — in photographs

    In debates over public policy, words matter. But readers recognize that words represent the opinion of the writer, and as such can be incorrect, misinformed, or simply stating a preference that the reader may disagree with.

  • We won’t do that here

    Recently someone left a comment that tried to associate a made-up name someone uses when commenting on this blog with an actual name. I removed that comment.

  • In Anaheim, I am the press

    In Kansas, alternative media outlets like this blog can’t get the same level of access that traditional media has in the Kansas statehouse. My post Kansas alternative media shut out of legislative access gives details.

  • I’m using a different theme

    Today I’ve made a switch in the theme this blog uses.

  • Kansas Jackass spotted at Kansas days

    Through several methods, including excessive tweeting and plain old gumshoe work, the identity of the anonymous blogger Kansas Jackass was deduced.

  • What impact do Kansas voters have on judges?

    Recently a Kansas blog covered a political event and wrote this in a post titled Defending America Summit Brought out the Wingnuts: Stephen Ware, Professor at the University of Kansas Law School: “What’s unusual about Kansas is about how little the people’s wishes matter. There are no checks and balances in the judicial selection process.”

  • And the basis for your criticism is?

    A blogger in Kansas has an issue with a talk given by Jonah Goldberg at Americans For Prosperity’s Defending the American Dream Summit in Wichita. As it turns out, the basis for the criticism is …, well, let the speaker himself explain. See the post titled Well-Named.