What impact do Kansas voters have on judges?


Recently a Kansas blog covered a political event and wrote this in a post titled Defending America Summit Brought out the Wingnuts:

Stephen Ware, Professor at the University of Kansas Law School:

“What’s unusual about Kansas is about how little the people’s wishes matter. There are no checks and balances in the judicial selection process.”

********. It’s called a retention voted [sic]. Don’t like Justice Dan Biles? Vote him out in a year. And, hey, aren’t all professors supposed to be crazy liberals?

I asked Mr. Ware about the value of retention votes in giving a voice to the people. As it turns out, he said, no Kansas Supreme Court justice has ever lost a retention vote, and only one lower court judge has. “This is consistent with the pattern around the country, in which judges hardly ever lose retention votes. That’s mostly because there’s no rival candidate to spark a real debate.”

So it appears that in Kansas, retention votes have not been a meaningful way for voters to engage in the process of choosing their judges. However, I will trust this blogger to educate us about crazy liberals.

This blogger also mentions (A few notes on the Governor’s budget) that the Kansas Senate’s President is Derek Schmidt. Call your office, Stephen Morris.


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  1. James

    I have found the “Kansas Jackass” blog you talk about to be very interesting, but not in the way the author hopes. The blog is run by the same person who ran “Boyda Bloc.” After Nancy Boyda lost re-election, the new blog began posting relentlessly, with the number of posts per day increasing as Boyda’s last days in office drew closer. When the blog was started, the Boyda Bloc author said there would be several authors, but as time has gone on, only one author has contributed. And I can only assume they are female after a post about how “hot” Lance Kinzer was. I stopped reading shortly after profanity seemed to be necessary in each and every post.

    Clearly a former Boyda staffer hasn’t found a new job yet. It would be interesting to peruse a list of former female Boyda staffers.

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  3. Kansas Jacksss

    Actually, thus far we’ve had three contributors- two using the “Kansas Jacksss” login and “The Left Brain” who used to author the Kansas blog Left Brain Kansas.

    I can speak for each three that we do dearly miss Congresswoman Boyda, though none of us worked for her in 2008.

    The blog isn’t polite, it isn’t fair- it’s a liberal hit blog dedicated to attacking Kansas Republicans. If you aren’t into the sort of thing, don’t worry your pointed little ear about us.

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