Wichita City Council Candidate James Barfield Addresses Activists


At Monday’s combined meeting of Campaign For Liberty and Hope For America Coalition, candidate for the Wichita city council district 1 seat James Barfield spoke to the 40 or so activists who gathered.

“Wichita has a gang problem. A legalized gang operating at 455 N. Main. It’s time for a gang intervention.”

He went on to remark that government was not designed to take private tax dollars and bail out private enterprise. But that’s what our local city government is doing. Government takes money from taxpayers and gives it to developers, he said. “I despise people who think they can come to the public trough.”

Barfield believes that Wichita city council members are in the pockets of developers, and the taxpayers pay for that. He told the crowd “We don’t have a voice. We have little say in what they do.”


9 responses to “Wichita City Council Candidate James Barfield Addresses Activists”

  1. Charlotte

    Barfield: You are right on! We need to halt these TIFs. They are getting out of hand. How are we going to find out if the development pays out? Can we trust the city accounting?

  2. katie

    James Barfield would make a great City council member. He is a respected and reasonable voice. Those that continue to believe that government can fix everything and should be the go to for everything will line up against Barfield but that should not deter him from speaking out and standing his ground.

  3. Cybex

    Barfield would be a voice for the people, but the activists that he spoke to and others in the community need to get out the vote.

    Barfield needs to continue talking about crime, bailouts, and corruption at City hall, but don’t expect much from our Wichita Eagle as they also are in the pocket of their advertisers including one of their biggest City Hall.

  4. Joe Williams

    Is there any way to contact Mr. Barfield?

  5. […] is appealing to the outraged vote. Speaking to some campaign activists last week, Barfield said that “a legalized gang” is operating at City Hall and claimed that Council members were […]

  6. Uncle

    I’d rather spend the money to keep jobs than to let businesses fail and watch the unemployment rate skyrocket.

  7. Uncle

    Barfield should just stick to throwing rocks at police cars.

  8. Sylvester

    Mr. Barfield will shake the establisment enough to make them nervous. Look for Mr. Brownlee at the Wichita Eagle to make Mr. Barfield into a nut case and irrevelant by making the case that Mr. Barfield has friends on the radical right fringes. Mr. Brownlee dismissed the radical associations of Mr. Obama, but he is willing to tie Mr. Barfield to his webside links that Brownlee alleges to be on the right.

  9. Ben

    Joe – call KCTU TV-5.

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