I’ll help you with technology


I hate to see activists struggle with technology. Whether it’s creating and managing a blog, using Facebook or Twitter, or just using computers and the Internet effectively, I’d like to help.

Crossloop is a tool that lets people work together remotely. By using it, you’ll be able to see my computer screen, and I — with your permission — can see yours. Working together this way, we can resolve many problems quickly.

If you’re a center-right or libertarian activist and need help, contact me. It’s free. You’ll have to do an easy download of some software, but you don’t have to create an account or supply any personal information.

Click on www.crossloop.com/BobWeeks to get started.


2 responses to “I’ll help you with technology”

  1. Susan

    You are very generous with your time and skill! Thank you.

  2. Thanks for the offer. I am new to blogging and think it is very important to getting our message out. It is a bit confusing to get started and offers such as yours and others is very helpful if needed. I encourage you to look at kansasfaithful.blogspot.com and give me feedback.

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