Free the World Seminar 2010 in Wichita


As a recent Wichita Eagle Op-Ed article expressed, today’s students are not financially literate, but when given this background, their opportunities in life are unlimited: Jim Graham: Kansas youths need to be financially literate.

After so many decades of prosperity in the U.S., Europe, and Japan, why are so many people in Latin America and Africa still poor? What lessons can we learn from recent rapid economic growth in China and India? Can U.S. firms and workers compete with low-wage workers in China, India, and other countries? Sessions apply economic principles to current events and international issues, and are designed for teachers, students, and others interested in economics, geography, and history.

Presentations will include video clips, handouts, and some active learning simulations led by Gabriella Megyesi. Click to read more about Gabriella Megyesi and this seminar in this flyer.

Register and reserve your spot with our Summer Adventures in Learning Director, Khristi Bates, at 316-686-0152 ext. 160 or email her at

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Event details: July 26 to 28, from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, at The Independent Upper School in Room 201. The cost is $75 for adults, $50 student. The event has limited space.


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