Effort Crosses 200,000 Petitions


Here’s a press release from Americans For Prosperity that talks about the tremendous success of the website. This site experienced tremendous traffic yesterday and had difficulty staying online. Things are working smoothly now, so I encourage you to visit the site to learn about the stimulus plan. Then, sign the online petition. Effort Crosses 200,000 Petitions as Taxpayer Outrage Intensifies

“This is an avalanche of public opinion, and members of Congress ignore it at their own peril.” — AFP President Tim Phillips

WASHINGTON — While the US Senate chose to ignore its constituents and vote in favor of a trillion dollars of debt yesterday, more than 100,000 American taxpayers expected to foot the bill signed Americans for Prosperity’s NoStimulus online petition, doubling the number in one day and bringing the count over 200,000.

“There is growing citizen outrage against this spending nightmare and American citizens are not giving up,” said Tim Phillips, president of Americans for Prosperity. “In fact, taxpayers raised their voices louder, doubling the number of petitions in one day.”

The amended bill will now go back to the House for a vote, giving taxpayers more time to examine its contents and voice concern to their legislators. If even one member of Congress changes positions, the stimulus ‘compromise’ will quickly be compromised.

“Despite the outcome of this first test vote, this bill is far from a done deal,” said Phillips. “The American people are so angry that they flooded our web site off the Internet as we rushed to add more servers all day yesterday. Millions of people tried to reach the site. This is an avalanche of public opinion, and members of Congress ignore it at their own peril.”

AFP launched, a website and online petition against the Pelosi/Reid/Obama spending package, with much success three weeks ago, collecting over 200,000 signatures to date and receiving national media coverage.

More than 50,000 of those petitions were delivered to Senate offices last week during debate on the bill. AFP continues to drive citizens to the NoStimulus petition and urges them to contact their legislators, flooding Capitol Hill with overwhelming constituent opposition.

The complete website and online petition can be viewed at


4 responses to “ Effort Crosses 200,000 Petitions”

  1. shearer

    I called our sentor and told him if he runs again He has lost two votes.

  2. I definitely agree that we need sometime to see what is in the stimulus package because there could be no stipulations within it.

    What gets me, though, is the time it will take for financial relief to come if this package were to be revised.

  3. I like the Milton Friedman quote underneath the featured thoughts segment on the right side of this site. It compliments this post. Basically, we do need to know what is in that stimulus package before going on with it.

    Patience is something a lot of people are going to have to learn, right now.

  4. Kay Hillelry

    When Congress,Senate and the President
    want to give up all their perks, high salaries,daily per diem, insurance and free
    meals, I might support some revision to help.
    Who are they to dictate to us as a Republic
    By the People and For the People?

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