Poverty and Income in Kansas


An interactive visualization of household income and poverty data for states and counties.

The United States Census Bureau gathers statistics in a program called Small Area Income and Poverty Estimates, or SAIPE. The data for 2020 is now available. I’ve gathered it and created an interactive visualization.

A map of median household income by county lets us spot the high-income areas of the country.

Two charts present median household income and the all-ages poverty rate. I’ve summarized this data in a table. This data is not adjusted for inflation.

Considering income, Sedgwick County median household income was greater than both Kansas and the nation in 2003. By 2020, however, both had surpassed Sedgwick County. For poverty rate, Sedwick County increased from 2003 to 2020, while the state of Kansas rose by a much smaller value and the national rate fell. This data is illustrated in following charts.

To learn more about the data and access the interactive visualization, click here.

Example from the visualization. Click for larger.


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