Protest Pork in Kansas

Update: Report and photos of the event are here.

“A protest has been scheduled for

ep. Dennis Moore’s office (D-KS) in Overland Park, KS on Sat. the 21st at 10 am in response to his support of the Stimulus Package.”

Not many more details are available, but the post is from Michelle Malkin at Calling anti-porkulus activists: Next stop … Kansas.


  • A lot more people would show up if any of the protest announcements mentioned where Dennis Moore’s office was located.

    Very few people know where it’s located: 8417 Santa Fe Drive #101
    Overland Park, KS

  • Here’s a coincidence. Someone please correct me if I’m incorrect, but I believe I remember reading that Overland Park will be the recipient of Kansas’ largest highway improvement project resulting from the stimulus package. Cronyism?

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