Rumblings of pork protest — and a thank you — in Wichita

Friday February 27. 11:30 a.m. Mark the date. There will be protest in Wichita.

Location: Farm Credit Bank Building, 245 N. Waco in Wichita. This is Senator Sam Brownback’s office.

Our purpose is twofold: To thank Sen. Brownback for his vote against the pork-laden stimulus package, and to call attention to the nature of the stimulus package that did pass.

Based on reporting of the protest at Representative Dennis Moore’s office in Overland Park (Kansas Anti-Pork Revolt Draws 750 American Citizens! and 500 in Overland Park brave cold, wind to protest stimulus, pork (photo essay)), we can do this too in Wichita.


  • It will be at 11:30 in front of Senator Brownback’s office in the Farm Credit Building on Waco so we can thank him and the other Wichita Federal Legislators for voting against the terrible bill.

  • Please bring homemade signs. We want signs to than Brownback and others but we want some protest signs too! There is a good representation of the signs from Overland Park @ See you there on Friday! You will know who I am I don’t have any “R”s in my alphabet!

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