‘The Power of the Poor’ to be shown in Wichita


On Monday October 11, the video “The Power of the Poor” will be shown in Wichita, with discussion following.

“The Power of the Poor is a compelling look at the surprising and vital role of inclusive laws and titled property in establishing peace and prosperity. It is also the story of real people with real struggles — all of whom share a commitment to entrepreneurship.”

“De Soto and his team have proven that, even hobbled by great obstacles, the world’s hard-working poor entrepreneurs have created far more wealth than anyone had ever imagined possible — even with the absence of the legal frameworks people in the rich north take for granted. Prosperity is possible, if only we simplify the rules of the game. That means giving the poor titled property and the legal business tools we in the West enjoy. Such will enable them to harness the power of their considerable assets, as these stories illustrate.”

The presentation will be at the Lionel D. Alford Library located at 3447 S. Meridian in Wichita. The time is from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm.

For more information on this event contact John Todd at john@johntodd.net or 316-312-7335, or Susan Estes, AFP Field Director at sestes@afphq.org or 316-681-4415.


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