Unemployment is worse than if there had been no stimulus


Many people remember that President Barack Obama promised that the unemployment rate would not top eight percent if the stimulus was passed. The actual rate has been around nine percent or higher for the past two years, reaching 10.1 percent in October 2009.

What’s really telling about the ineffective Obama stimulus — in fact, the futility of his entire economic program — is that unemployment has been worse than what his administration predicted it would be if the stimulus had not been passed.

The following chart from e21 illustrates, showing the predicted path of the unemployment rate with and without the stimulus, and what actually happened. The accompanying article is Revisiting unemployment projections.


6 responses to “Unemployment is worse than if there had been no stimulus”

  1. Ha!

    So, what you’re basically saying is… “The Obama projected unemployment numbers (“With Recovery Plan”) are clearly incorrect, but the *other Obama Administration projections* (“Without Recovery Plan”) are more in sync with my narrative, so we’ll claim they were correct.”


    THIS, right here, folks, is conservative double-talk and hypocrisy.

  2. Ictator

    If the economic collapse that was the Obamaregime’s “stimulus” plan had occurred under a GOP president, the media would still be screaming about this egregious economic failure. Since it is the loony left’s “transformation” plan, this $787 billion boondoggle is dropped into the media’s Orwellian memory hole for disposal so we can talk about the real news like Michael Jackson’s doctor and his appeal or Letterman and Regis.

    The Alinsky left hates it when people like Weeks hold their acolyte’s to their promises. The jobs that the Obama promised would be his “laser light focus,” must be all out on the golf course since that seems to be he primary residence when he isn’t junketing on Air Force 1 or letting Moochelle head off on another “vacation” (aka junket) at taxpayer expense.

    The US recovery will begin the day after election day when that southside hack Alynskyite loses his job. I can’t wait.

    Keep up the good work, Bob.

  3. Ha!


    Instead of ignoring my comment and trying to smear me (“Alinsky left”? How original and well thought-out. I don’t know anything at all of this Alinsky boogeyman you and your idol Glenn Beck always reference. These are my independent thoughts.) and insulting non-players (i.e., “Moochelle”. Nice. So classy, you conservatives.), why don’t you *READ WHAT I WROTE*.

    It’s intellectually dishonest at best and outright lying at worst to try to discredit one stat provided by the Obama administration and use the same stat as evidence for your belief. It’s nonsense, and any fair-minded person can see this.

    Just because you hate Obama doesn’t mean every piece of BS thrown out there can or should be used against the current administration. I did not care for Bush, but I have the courage to admit there were indeed things he did correctly. Many of your friends are blinded by hatred. Just look at the adjectives you use.

    And by the way: Bob does nothing in the way of holding anyone “accountable.” Bob simply does what he is told.

  4. Westie

    I have heard that the occupy Wichita loons spend their free time ranting on Mr. Weeks web site. It looks like Ictator got a couple of them going with this post.

    Facts can be ignored but reality cannot be denied. Obama promised that if his “stimulus bill” was passed in February, 2009 that unemployment would not exceed 8 percent. It is now over 12 % above that level. If a broader measurement of real unemployment was used, the level is at double digit 1930s depression levels.

    The ranks from the lefties above show that they continue to want to deny reality. Obama’s “stimulus” (Porkulus would be an accurate description if there was truth in politics) plan failed and Weeks was politically incorrect to point out this complete economic disaster. This is nothing new. Statist/Socialist/Marxist/Alinskyite economics works about as well as phrenology would work in today’s medicine everywhere it has been tried. Excess govt. spending, fiat currencies, and total business regulations are all proven ways to destroy a struggling economy.

    In a free economy, more affluent folks who build businesses hire people. I guess that rex must get his jobs somewhere else if he has such intense criticism for Mr. Weeks….or is it his job to troll for billionaire statists and their media matters? The Blaze.com has plenty of material on the rich statists like Soros and company.

  5. T. Rex

    The Blaze? Dude, seriously?

  6. Ha!



    And they say teabaggers don’t have original thought.

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