Updated: Economic indicators in the states


Economic indicators in the states, an interactive visualization.

The Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia calculates two indexes that track and forecast economic activity in the states and the country as a whole. Values are available through September 2019.

The coincident index is a measure of current and past economic activity for each state. The leading index predicts the six-month growth rate of the state’s coincident index. Positive values mean the coincident index is expected to rise in the future six months, while negative values mean it is expected to fall. (For more detail, see Visualization: Economic indicators in the states.)

For Kansas, the coincident index has been on a mostly upward trend over the past year, although it has leveled for the past few months.

The leading index has been rising, although it fell sharply in September.

A nearby chart shows index values for the last five years for Kansas, some nearby states, and the United States. You can access the visualization and create your own charts here: Visualization: Economic indicators in the states.

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