Video Reveals Uninformed Citizenry


Utah Education Facts has released a video that illustrates the startling lack of information possessed by the average citizen. This video was made in Utah and uses Utah’s facts, but I’ve made some similar videos in Wichita, and the results are similar.

People are mostly uninformed about basic facts. School districts use this to their advantage in order to push through their agendas. Citizens naively assume that everything their school district does is “for the children.”

Here’s a link to the video: How much do we know about our education system?


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  1. Carl

    I can see where one would lose track of such things.Between monitoring what your kids watch on tv and then keeping upwith who what and where they are, after all that it might seem a little pointless to track this sort of information.Neverless it should be monitored by someone. If we all kept track of the spending our schoolboards use and the state budget, the budget would thin out as well as some of the B.O.E. might haver thinner waistlines. When spending becomes out of control then we notice. Well I sounded off lets see what it starts.

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