Earthjustice in Kansas: What is Their Agenda?


Yesterday I posted Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius at Earthjustice, about Kansas governor Kathleen Sebelius speaking at a event hosted by Earthjustice, a group that I believe has a radical environmentalist agenda.

Just what is the agenda of the group? Do they have the interests of Kansas in mind, or something else?

I asked a few blogger friends if they knew anything about Earthjustice and its agenda. Here’s what I received from one, which I believe correctly tells us what this group is really about:

I find this organization to be rather scary. From their president’s vision:

But, we are not like a law firm in the fundamental sense that we identify critical issues and strategies that need to be moved forward, rather than just wait for clients and cases to show up. We think about what kinds of clients are needed to best advance the particular cause.

Translation: We don’t have clients — we have issues and then find clients to sue in court.

Our bottom line is using the courts to protect wild places and wildlife, reduce pollution and protect people’s health from all kinds of environmental problems, and move us all forward on addressing global warming. We are here “because the Earth needs a good lawyer.”

Translation: Since we can’t accomplish our goals through legislation, we’ll use the courts to bypass the will of the people.

It’s very clear to me that voluntary actions by individuals and businesses, no matter how widespread and well-intentioned are important but are not sufficient to bring about the change we need. We will always need a powerful environmental movement that can affect policy, and to be effective that movement needs a powerful litigation organization like Earthjustice.

Translation: And since we think we’re right and everyone who disagrees with us is wrong, we’ll use the power of the courts to force our ideas upon you.


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  1. Meredith

    Since the Kansas Supreme Court and Kansas Court of Appeals justices are chosen by the same self-styled anti-democratic elite that wants to ram ultra-expensive global warming alarmist proposals down on our throats through the courts….they might have picked the right state and the right strategy.

    It is smoke-filled backroom politics at its worst. The deck is stacked in their favor and Sebelius and her Earthjustice friends know it.

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