Eugene Robinson doesn’t get it


“I don’t know if you’d call it passion or manufactured passion … the uproar at these meetings is counterproductive .. and it’s organized, which I think is the most disturbing part of it.”

That’s the Washington Post’s Eugene H. Robinson speaking today on MSNBC’s Morning Joe.

Host Joe Scarborough inquired is it disturbing because it’s organized?

Robinson replied that if he were a Democratic strategist, he’d be tempted to ask unions to send people to meetings.

Scarborough said unions been doing just this — organizing people to go to town hall meetings — for years.

The exchange went on for a bit, with Robinson several times chuckling uncomfortably as Scarborough made his points.

I think that the Left — including Robinson in his role as leftist apologist — simply doesn’t understand the depth of the feelings that people have regarding the government’s attempt to take over control of health care in America. These townhall meetings are useful because they’re letting Congress know.

Robinson complained that with the meetings being disrupted, people aren’t able to learn the details of the plan and the legislation, his implication being that members of Congress are in a position to be educators. Indications are that few members do, in fact, know what the plan really means. And townhall meetings are really a poor place to educate people on complicated matters such as this.

The whole specter of the Left painting citizens as dupes of various organizations and interests simply because they speak up at meetings is amusing at the least, and rank hypocrisy at its core. Didn’t our current president serve time as a community organizer?


3 responses to “Eugene Robinson doesn’t get it”

  1. Larry

    People are just mad, and why not?

  2. tw

    So who’s painting them as dupes just because they speak up? I don’t have a problem with people speaking up, it’s when they refuse to hear anyone else and act like bullies preventing anyone else from speaking that I have a problem. They’ve clearly taken a lesson from the anti-choice zealots.

  3. Cybex

    I was present at a meeting of Hispanos Unidos (a local ACORN entity) in Wichita 5 years ago where they were belittling our Republican elected delegation in Congress and accusing them of being against immigrants and for racial profiling. There were four community organizers that flew in from Chicago to help organize the meeting and led the heckling of anyone who spoke in defense of our congressional delegation. The liberal left loves to disrupt meetings, but they don’t like the same done to them.

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