Health rations and you


Normally I shy away from using humor when discussing such a serious issue as health care. But this is a humorous look at what lies ahead if we’re not diligent. It’s from The Health Administration Bureau, a project of the Sam Adams Alliance.


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  1. Showalter

    One of the best youtube vids Ive ever seen, lets hope this NEVER comes to pass.

  2. Anonymous

    Good day Mr. Weeks,

    Substitute “United heath care” or “Blue cross” for “Health administration bureau” and you have might just have the picture.

    And lets not forget our friends in the drug business working diligently to come up with a patentable way to relive symptoms for a malady made up by them and sold to the gullible public.

    Maybe we should try an ad “Ask your doctor if getting your fat butt off the couch is right for you”.

    Perhaps cute sayings and sound bites is all your readers need to judge the important issues facing us. As long as the big insurance industry money can produce the scare tactic videos and people like you promote them we will continue down the road with the most expensive and one of the worst health care systems “For the patient I mean” in the world.

    Best Regards
    Glen Jones

  3. Darryl

    Mr. Jones, the Obamacare plan will be a bigger catastrophe than Bush’s drug plan. If there is to be a new plan, it needs to be one that our kids and grandkids can afford and this one is not it.

  4. […] Sam Adams Alliance presents another humorous look at health care reform in American. The first, Health rations and you, was very popular on YouTube. Now: “After months of Americans happily sacrificing for the […]

  5. oliverb

    Perhaps it takes losing your insurance to wake up to this national tragedy!!!

  6. oliverb

    The Republicans used the same argument regarding Social Security and Medicare. The US did not de solve into a Socialist state. Canadians aren’t dropping dead with their single payer system.

  7. oliverb

    What about the tragedies that occur in the US? What about denial of care that occurs everyday at the hands of the profit-making insurance companies? What about raising your rates far higher than inflation? They are rationing care right now.

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