In Wichita, protest of ABC’s Obama coverage


Here’s a message from a local patriot and activist. She is rightly concerned about ABC News — the national organization, not the local affiliate — and its upcoming coverage of the Obama administration:

Protest in Wichita in front of ABC affiliate KAKE news TV at 1500 N. West St., Wichita this Wednesday, June 24th starting at 4 p.m. until 6:30 p.m. Please join us! We are protesting how ABC is propagandizing the American public and deceiving them.

What is she concerned about? The editorial ABC Self-Nationalizes For Obama supplies some background:

Media Bias: As much of the U.S. private sector, including health care providers, resists government takeovers, what a sorry sight to see ABC News leap forward to make itself a propaganda arm of the government. … This Wednesday, on every show from “Good Morning America” (kicking things off with an interview with the president) to “World News Tonight” (broadcast from the Blue Room) to a prime-time special called “Prescription for America” (and emanating from the East Room), the network will puff the Obama administration’s trillion-dollar plan to nationalize U.S. health care. …

This isn’t your grandfather’s propaganda. Forget public service announcements. Just as some newspaper ads trick themselves up to look like news stories to enhance their credibility, making a partisan program indistinguishable from the nightly “news” is a propaganda tool in the same vein. … Under the cover of news, ABC can present the president’s side of the health reform issue as “factual” and leave out the real costs and concerns about government control and rationing of health care. …

The best proof that the public is getting propaganda is that ABC is refusing to take ads from critics who are offering to pay for them. Among those turned away: the Republican National Committee and a group called Conservatives for Patients’ Rights. …

It all amounts to a sad corruption of American journalism. Once upon a time, people would go into journalism to expose the seamy underbelly of American politics. Today, ABC News, in its abject submission to the Obama administration on health care, has decided to become the seamy underbelly.

For more information about the event, contact Larry Halloran at Click to get a Google map to the location.


3 responses to “In Wichita, protest of ABC’s Obama coverage”

  1. Ruth

    I’ll be there! We need to wake up the public about the news media being extremely biased. Most people think TV news and newspapers tell the truth! We’ve got to make a point that the networks are propaganda tools.

  2. Benjamin

    If anyone wants to know what is going on in the media then watch the movie “Network”. This movie came out quite a bit ago but it is all comming together now. This is tyranny and it is stormtrooping it’s way in at the fastest pace ever. I have only been alive 28 years but I know enough to see a total takeover comming. Quit sucking your thumbs and get mad people! This is America ! Our forefathers in heaven are calling for us to take our God given country back!

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