John Stossel covers Canadian health care


John Stossel covers health care, particularly health care in Canada, on the ABC television news show 20/20. Why anyone would want to bring this to the United States is a mystery. Click on Health Care: Does Canada Do It Better? to view the video. Reaction from viewers is at Reaction To Healthcare Segment.

By the way, pets in Canada can get advanced treatment faster than humans can.


One response to “John Stossel covers Canadian health care”

  1. Serena

    Americans are an extremely stupid, ignorant bunch of Sheeple people.

    First their government tells them that there’s lots of weapons of mass destruction in a located in a land FULL of PETRO. So the Americans vote to go war. AND. NO WEAPONS are found!

    Second, Americans think that they have a right to make an INFORMED Judgement about Canada’s Healthcare system.

    1) They can’t name Canada’s Prime Minister

    2) They can’t name Canada’s Capital

    3) They can’t name a single Canadian Province3

    4) They are so FUCKIN IGNORANT about Canada

    BUT, they think they have a right to speak AUTHORATATIVELY about Canada’s Healthcare system…

    Conclusion: Americans know SHIT about Canada, its healthcare system and the world around them, which they impose their ideals upon.

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