Sebelius takes cover in loving union arms


“Possibly to avoid any confrontation with concerned citizens who have read the proposed health care legislation in Congress, HHS Secretary Sebelius will hold a conference call on Friday with health care activists and SEIU members.”

SEIU — that’s the Service Employees International Union — recently called for higher taxes in Wichita through Harold Schlechtweg, its local business representative.

Now this union will provide a friendly audience for former Kansas governor, now Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius.

Read more background at the Kansas Meadowlark post HHS Secretary Sebelius to use safe SEIU conference call for “myth busting.”

By the way, why does a union who, on its website promotes itself as “The Union for Kansas Public Employees,” have a leader with the title “business representative?”


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  1. Benjamin

    Google : Bilderberg Group. After you are shocked, Google: Kathleen Sebelius attends Bilderberg. Yes she did it on taxpayer’s dime. She met with foreign leaders which is a violation of the Logan Act. Just look it all up.

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