Kansas Blog Roundup for August 29, 2008


Kansas bloggers were hard at work again this week, covering a wide variety of topics.

A Wichita blog that’s been around for a while but has recently undergone a change in direction is Wichita Art Directory. This blog contains wonderful images of the works of many Wichita artists. Also useful is an extensive list of links to mostly art-related websites in Wichita.

Wichita’s “Boondoggler” at Wichita 259 Truth continues to churn out great work. Last week he (she?) noticed that Wichita school bond celebrity spokesperson George Fahnestock doesn’t live in the Wichita school district. This week two new posts appear. One, Snouts in the Trough for the Kids, takes a look at the sponsors of the “Vote Yes for Kids” bond kickoff party. While noting that the Wichita Eagle complains about lack of knowledge of who is behind the bond issue campaigns on both sides, through a little sleuthing the Boondoggler tells us a lot. Isn’t this what newspapers used to do?

Then, in The Curious Case of College Hill, the Boondoggler wonders if “… [USD 259’s] commitment to smaller class sizes only extends to certain schools and kids that live in certain neighborhoods.”

Kansas Liberty reports on a study released by the Kansas Legislative Post Audit Committee and wonders Was $1.3 billion in economic development incentives worth it? Also from this site: State SAT scores continue a gradual decline.

A story this week in Kansas was the Jim Slattery campaign’s inadvertent sending of an email before it was complete. The incomplete email contained “placeholder” quotes containing a vulgar insult to Sendator Pat Roberts. Not a substantive issue, I’d say, but sort of funny. The Kansas Republican Assembly blog provides coverage in Slattery tells public what he really thinks about Pat Roberts. Stay Red Kansas contributes on this matter with Slattery for Senate: Oops!

Also at the KRA is another post in their series covering close elections and the role of voter fraud: How voter fraud stopped the Holcomb power plants.

The Kansas Meadowlark has no new posts this week. I spoke to the Meadowlark recently, and he’s taking a little time off for vacation.

The Kansas Trunkline provides some coverage of Governor Kathleen Sebelius and sidekick Mark Parkinson at the Democratic convention in Denver: Sebelius: Still Ignoring Kansas, Interesting Tid-Bit, Sebelius True Colors on Display as She Gives a Speech Full of Partisan Rhetoric, What Planet is Sebelius On?, and Sebelius: Out of Touch and Out of Rhythm.

Stay Red Kansas is posting again, this week contributing Kathy is SO Not Cut Out for Prime Time.

On the plus side, it appears that she can dance, as noticed in Kathleen Sebelius, Denver’s Dancing Queen.

The Kenig Konnection wonders What’s in a label? (Conservative, Moderate, Liberal). “I find it revealing that in Kansas, according to our local news media, there is no such thing as a ‘liberal’ Democrat.”

At Neighborhood Watch Watch, the post Anonymous Cowards comments on a new policy by the Topeka Capital-Journal regarding verification of letter-writers.

At The Kansas Federalist Currie Myers writes about Catholic in Name Only.

The anonymous blogger Doo Dah Blue writes that an anti-gang graffiti project in Wichita may be unconstitutional because it involves a religious theme. See Flagrant violations of the Constitution. I wonder how this blogger feels about prayers, invocations, and/or moments of silence before meetings of the city council, county commission, school board, Kansas legislature, United States Congress, etc?

Over at the corner of Douglas and Main blog collector Bobby Rozzell continues to provide a valuable resource for keeping up with Wichita blogs.

Although the term “unintended consequences” is not used, that’s the point of the post Downtown push makes homeless more homeless?

The Americans For Prosperity Blog for Kansas announces the hiring of Susan Estes as field director for western Kansas. I had the pleasure of meeting Susan this week, and I think she’ll be a great addition to AFP. She replaces Rodger Woods, who will soon be serving us overseas. Please be safe, Rodger.

At the Voice For Liberty in Wichita, school district issues continue in the spotlight in Wichita School District: Don’t Give Up Your Tax and Revenue Base and Wichita School District Dodges TIF District Issue. A writer to the Wichita Eagle urges voters to pass the bond issue, but actually makes a case against it: A Flood of New Wichita Public School Students: The Other Story.

Wichita Mayor Carl Brewer thinks his opponents get too much media attention in Wichita Mayor and City Council Prefer to Work Out of Media Spotlight.

Then, transparency in government comes naturally to full-time government officials, but not so effortlessly for citizens, as explained in Being Open and Transparent: A Sedgwick County Commissioner’s View.


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