Kansas Blog Roundup for July 11, 2008


Kansas bloggers were hard at work this week after returning from vacation.

The “Boondoggler” at Wichita 259 Truth notices the low attendance at four public events hosted by Citizens Alliance for Responsible Education, a group that supports the Wichita school bond issue: Sarah Olson makes Chicken Salad.

Have you wondered What’s your contribution to statehouse renovations? The Kansas Republican Assembly blog provides some background information and places the terribly high spending in context.

The Kansas Trunkline notes that possible rules and law violations by Kansas Congressman Dennis Moore was mentioned in Roll Call: Moore Ethics Issues. Nancy Boyda Reminder shows the Kansas Congresswoman after an episode I imagine she’d rather forget. Waking Up Washington announces the creation of a new campaign blog by congressional candidate Nick Jordan.

The Kansas Meadowlark reports on the difficulty in finding information about out-of-state political action committee spending in Kansas in “Missing” PAC reports? Why are out-of-state PACs allowed to hide their reports? Related to this is the high fees often charged by some government entities for records: Fees for open records hide non-profits that may be involved in this year’s elections. The post Tax dollars to raise tax dollars? describes how John County government is spending taxpayer money in an effort to get taxpayers to … pay more taxes. Update: $37,492 tax dollars to raise more tax dollars in JoCo provides more information.

Finally, the Meadowlark reports on some cross-pollination between Kansas Republicans and Democrats in Former Republican Chairs give to Sebelius and Morrison, then endorse Lynn Jenkins?

Stay Red Kansas reports on the potential Moore ethics problems in Moore of the Same From Dennis – New Round of Violations Worst than the First.

At The Kansas Federalist, Currie Myers comments on Teddy Roosevelt and immigration policy in Assimilation is the Key to American Prosperity.

The anonymous team blogging at The Kansas Republican asks What’s the Story with Habitual Ethics Violations in Dennis Moore’s Office? Then, So Sebelius was born in Ohio, Who Cares? makes some good points that I’ve wondered about: because your father was governor of a state a long time ago, and lost three big elections also, that means something today? You decide.

The Quite Conservative offers an interesting take on current events in the post The One Eyed Man.

At In Medea Res, Russell Arben Fox contributes the lengthy and interesting post Food, Farming, and Sovereignty in a (Late) Capitalist World . I don’t read all his posts (and it’s my loss for not reading them) but when I do I get the feeling that Dr. Fox thinks libertarians are people who want to secede from everything and return to self-dependent living off the land. Perhaps I exaggerate him. Most libertarians I know fully embrace modern society and interdependence. We just don’t embrace government. He writes that our capitalism lead to “destructive process of specialization.” But it is that specialization that leads to the tremendous wealth in capitalist countries. Yes, this means that “we live in a world where providing for oneself has been outsourced, with the very notion of self-provisioning itself having come to be seen as inefficient and time-consuming and costly.” Because of this, we recognize the benefit of specialization, comparative advantage, and free trade.

The anonymous blogger at Doo Dah Blue (“A political blog for the 4th District of Kansas”) contributes the post Nero and the Wichita government about Wichita businessman Bill Warren and a subsidized loan he received from the City of Wichita.

At Boyda Block there are too many posts to list individually covering the race for U.S. Congress between Nancy Boyda and either Lynn Jenkins or Jim Ryan.

At Voice For Liberty in Wichita, polls surrounding the opinions of Kansans and coal-fired power plants are mentioned in Kansans’ Opposition to Coal Plant: Look at the Poll and Rasmussen Poll on Kansas Coal Plant. Related: contrary to a Kansas environmentalist’s assertion in a Wichita Eagle editorial from earlier this year, Kansas Environmental Policy is Full of Uncertainty.

It’s noticed that a Wichita Eagle editorialist wonders Wichita Old Town Theater’s Bill Warren: No Ideas?

A resource that hopefully will be useful for Wichita and Sedgwick county primary election voters is the page Wichita and Sedgwick County Candidate Websites and News Coverage. This holds links to candidates’ websites and news coverage of races.

Bob notices that several state climate change-related websites are owned by the same person, leading to the question Who Owns and Runs the KEEP Website?

A Wichita minister has an ethics problem that he probably wouldn’t confront publicly until Bob noticed it. The post Reverend Kevass Harding and His Wichita TIF District explains.

A Wichita Eagle letter-writer wants to apply a name-change makeover to some old ideas in The Threat of Social Progressives. These ideas lead to out-of-control government programs, as described in the post Kansas Giveaways to Wealthy Homeowners.


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