Kansas Blog Roundup for May 16, 2008


Kansas Education has a post promoting a new report about early childhood education issued by the Flint Hills Center for Public Policy. An excerpt: “As appealing as the logic of universal pre-K may be, there’s a final reason to cast a critical eye on it: putting all or even a majority of very young children into government-run programs threatens the balance of responsibilities among important institutions such as family, religion, business, and government. Some level of government is required, but too much distorts a society.” The post is here: Plato’s Republic on the Plains.

The Kansas Trunkline wonders Where in the World is Kathleen Sebelius? and How far left is Kathleen Sebelius on the Holcomb Power Plant issue?

The Kenig Konnection reports updates in the second and third district congressional races in Kansas: 2nd, 3rd District Updates.

At The Kansas Republican, Wyatt comments on the controversy surrounding Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius and her church: Bishops cut Sebelius off at the Knees. But in Dan Glickman: Boyda, Moore, You’re Wrong on Colombia, I must disagree with Wild Bill when he states “[former Kansas congressman and Secretary of Agriculture] Glickman knows a thing or two about good agriculture policy.” The best policy is, of course, no policy.

The Kansas Meadowlark has been hard at work again. He reports on the formation of a Kansas political action committee headed by Scott Allegrucci, a benefactor of political patronage in the past: New Kansas 527 PAC: GPACE Action. The Meadowlark notes a little about Scott’s mother, but it is his father who Kansans should keep in mind. See The Ethics Case Against Justice Donald L. Allegrucci and The Wrong Canon; The Wrong Allegrucci.

Other Meadowlark articles of note include District Court Nominating Commission Works as Designed: 3 of 3 nominees are Democrats in a county with 21% Democrats and Friend of Gov. Kathleen Sebelius? Did you get to fly the State of Kansas Executive Aircraft to the NCAA basketball tournament in San Antonio?.

The Quiet Conservative comments upon Governor Kathleen Sebelius’s veto of CARA, The Comprehensive Abortion Reform Act: The Forgotten Veto.

The Boondoggler at the Wichita 259 Truth blog has a nice article commenting on my recent appearance before the Wichita public school board of education. Wichita School Board Information Management.

Karl Peterjohn of the The Kansas Taxpayers Network contributes a fine editorial about Kansas and its energy and regulatory future: How Much More Will Kansas Electricity Cost In Your Future? (via Voice For Liberty in Wichita)


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